Volume XIX

No. 11 - December 2019

  1. Editor's Corner
  2. Kitschy pop-up Christmas bars are everywhere this year
  3. The growing appeal of agritourism
  4. Americans are moving less
  5. Preliminary market and site evaluation
  6. Families with children at all-time low
  7. Out-of-home spending by $100,000+ households, meet the HENRYs
  8. Randy White to keynote at Entertainment Experience Evolution
  9. Looking back from the future, why did the out-of-home entertainment industry apocalypse happen?
  10. Ahoy Matie, the pirates are coming
  11. Is video game use reducing time spent at OOH entertainment venues? Our latest white paper
  12. Meet the food connected consumer

No. 10 - November 2019

  1. Editor's corner

No. 9 - October 2019

  1. Randy's travelogue
  2. Innovation is creating new customer experience (CX) benchmarks
  3. Upcoming presentations & conferences
  4. The customer is always right, or maybe?
  5. The self-commoditization of OOH entertainment experiences
  6. Is your website ADA compliant? The Supreme Court rules it better be
  7. Our basic instinct of imitation is not always so beneficial
  8. Fast growing plant-forward flexitarian trend
  9. Video games a force for sustainable social change; it's time for CLVs & FECs to join
  10. Refreshing kids' menus

No. 8 - September 2019

  1. Editor's corner
  2. Changes to community-based entertainment & arts spending
  3. Our CEO's presentations
  4. The upended CLV business model: it's no longer about the entertainment attractions
  5. Best designed restrooms for 2019
  6. Family time has taken a new meaning
  7. VR the next big thing, but not where you think
  8. The scoop on live events and festivals

No. 7 - August 2019

  1. Editor's corner
  2. Attention spans are shortening; trends don't last as long
  3. The evolution of the FEC industry - over expansion and opportunity
  4. Big investment in immersive mixed-use entertainment by Kevin Williams
  5. The cannibals are eating the CLV industry
  6. Essentials of hayride safety
  7. Is the obsession with beer justified?
  8. Review of Bar K - a multispecies social eatertainment venue by Linda Beckring
  9. The importance of great restaurant ambiance
  10. Do you know your cost of goods sold percentage?
  11. Jim Kessler gives it to us straight
  12. Cathedral-tainment
  13. Home is the new hangout
  14. Out-of-home entertainment & arts spending by occupation
  15. Randy's travel tips

No. 6 - July 2019

  1. Editor's corner
  2. Rising educational attainment
  3. Art-inspired mini-golf and eatertainment by Linda Beckring
  4. NAFDMA agritourism farm tour
  5. A different point of view. Can FECs be all things to all people? A response
  6. What are the implications of the low birth rate for entertainment centers?
  7. When more is not "More" by Frank Price
  8. Payment methods that consumers are using
  9. What's new with community leisure venues?
  10. Human contact Is becoming a luxury - The rise of participatory social eatertainment
  11. Suddenly the world (and out-of-home entertainment) is a different place

No. 5 - May-June 2019

  1. Editor's corner
  2. A perfect storm is disrupting the legacy location-based entertainment business model - a white paper
  3. Artainment continues to expand
  4. Popularity of dogs
  5. Depalo app for the Instagramming crowd
  6. Distillery experiences
  7. Record low births in 2018
  8. Alcohol preferences
  9. Protecting guests from E. coli at fairs, festivals and agritainment/agritourism farms
  10. What is VR, AR, MR and XR?
  11. Is meat consumption on the decline?
  12. Roxy Ballroom #2 opens
  13. Social media users by platform

No. 4 - April 2019

  1. Editor's corner
  2. Our Route 66 project
  3. Promptly responding to negative social media pays
  4. The changing culture of young adulthood
  5. Why most CLV, especially FEC, feasibility studies fail
  6. Yes, it's counterintuitive, but feedback does not help employees thrive
  7. Panera, C-stores & fast foods raise the bar on food
  8. The expanding world of location-based entertainment concepts
  9. Who has time for out-of-home entertainment?
  10. Satisfying Americans' diverse diets

No. 3 - March 2019

  1. Editor's corner
  2. Are family entertainment centers on the brink of extinction?
  3. How consumers engage with loyalty programs
  4. Coca-Cola launches line of nonalcoholic beverages
  5. Brand purpose and the conscientious consumer
  6. Binge watching is not good news for CLVs
  7. Who drinks wine?
  8. Time is the new currency for out-of-home entertainment
  9. Is your mobile website speed hurting your business?
  10. How do new customers find you?
  11. Income determines preference for nutritious food at restaurants
  12. Young adult alcohol drinking trends

No. 2 - February 2019

  1. Editor's corner
  2. Two of our continuous long-term clients
  3. The first Instagram food photos
  4. What's old is still relevant
  5. North American movie theater attendance trends
  6. Committed consumption impacting out-of-home entertainment
  7. Rise in visits to non-traditional experiential food & beverage venues
  8. Gentrification of out-of-home entertainment
  9. The mindful low- and no-alcoholic trend
  10. Changes in educational attainment

No. 1 - January 2019

  1. Editor's corner
  2. Celebrating our 30th anniversary
  3. Current projects
  4. National survey of CLV & FEC participation
  5. The generations defined for 2019
  6. 30 trends & market forces impacting the future of location-based entertainment
  7. Who spends the most time and money at restaurants?
  8. Does your brand have purpose? It should
  9. Miniature golf returns to its roots
  10. 8 ways that Gen Z moms differ from Millennial moms
  11. The future of out-of-home entertainment - predictions of its future
  12. Miniature golf design for tomorrow - part 2