Our Philosophy & Ethical Standards


The White Hutchinson Leisure & Learning Group (WHLLG) believes in the highest standards of professional integrity and honesty. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our clients based on mutual trust and respect and produce highly successful projects with long term staying power for our clients.

Cultural Respect & Relevancy

WHLLG believes that the Western models of leisure and learning should not be literally exported to different cultures. Instead, all projects should be tailored to the area's market conditions and unique culture, including its traditions, customs, values and patterns and settings of leisure, family life, entertainment, socialization and play. Even such seemingly basic design elements as a color, finishes, shapes and scale of space vary from culture to culture.

Ethical Standards

Although WHLLG collaborates during the design process with leading industry equipment and supply companies, WHLLG will not accept any commissions, rebates or referral fees. The only compensation WHLLG will accept for our work is pre-negotiated fees from our clients. If any commissions, rebates or referral fees are paid to WHLLG, such moneys are credited to the client in payment of fees. WHLLG takes pride in preserving its independence and maintaining its objectivity to assure clients that WHLLG is representing their very best interests and has no conflicts of interest that might bias its recommendations and advise.


Both in the USA as well as the international market, many projects are being developed as copies, knock-offs and imitations of existing USA facilities. Many existing projects represent early generations of concept and design that have already proven to be unsuccessful.

WHLLG believes in staying on the cutting edge of the industry to assure our clients' long-term success. To assure this, WHLLG maintains continuing consulting relationships with our clients to obtain feedback on project performance. WHLLG also performs evaluations for many other projects, learning from their successes and failures.

On each new project, WHLLG believes in perfecting and innovating by building on its collective project experience and industry knowledge.

High Tech and High Touch

WHLLG believes that technology and hardware are important project components, both for customer experiences as well as management tools. However, WHLLG's projects, especially those that target younger children, also incorporate time tested and proven high touch components and programming that includes hands-on, interactive play; live performances; arts and crafts activities; cultural activities; workshops and classes; birthday parties; school field trips and mother's clubs.

Continuous Learning

WHLLG believes in continuous learning and maintains broad-based memberships, readings and follows research in fields outside the entertainment industry including management, psychology, sociology, environmental design, children's development and play; and the hospitality, retail and restaurant industries. WHLLG also uses original quantitative and qualitative research to assure that each project is truly customized to its target market.

Privacy Policy

You won't get any unsolicited e-mails (spam) and your e-mail address will never be given or sold to any other organization or individual. We don't carry external advertising, and you won't find any annoying pop-ups.

Web site usage information

Some data concerning numbers of visits to our website may be logged and later used for analyzing overall visitor trends but you cannot be personally 'tracked'. Our web server does not store any information that could be used to identify you individually without your express prior permission.

Information security and quality

We intend to protect the quality and integrity of any personally identifiable information that you give us permission to keep.