Customer Service & Play Facilitation Training For Staff Who Work with Children

Children are a significant, if not majority, customer segment for most leisure facilities. Typical customer service training programs and existing staff skills fail to recognize that children have unique needs and behaviors and cannot just be treated as small adults. As a result, most leisure facilities fail to achieve their potential for customer satisfaction and profits.

How pleased children are with the way they are treated at your center and how effortless the experience is for parents has a direct relationship on your repeat business and positive word-of-mouth marketing. Your staff's ability to effectively accomplish their jobs, including pleasing your child and parent guests, has a direct relationship on their job satisfaction and your employee turnover. Happy guests and happy staff results in higher profits for your center.

Creating a positive experience for children and their parents requires that your staff have a comprehensive understanding of:

  • the culture of childhood, including children's development and play,
  • how parents and children interrelate,
  • how the environment affects children's behavior, and
  • how to interact with children and facilitate their play and transactions.

To meet this need, the White Hutchinson Leisure & Learning Group offers a specialized customer service and play facilitation training program for your staff who work with or come in contact with children. The following is an outline of the key topics covered by our training program.

  1. Basic Child Growth and Development: How Children Differ With Age and
  2. Facilitating Play
  3. Responding and Interacting Appropriately with Each Age Group
  4. Understanding What Determines Children's Behavior
  5. Handling Behavioral Problems with Children
  6. Responding To Children As Individuals
  7. Group Facilitation with Children
  8. Interactions with Parents

Training is customized to meet your unique needs, and can also include how to properly maintain and sanitize children's play equipment. Vicki Stoecklin, our highly knowledgeable and recognized child development expert and trainer, conducts the training.

To learn more about how our training program can increase your guests' satisfaction and your center's repeat business and profitability, contact by e-mail our Child Development and Education Director.