School & Camp Field Trips

The development of non-peak time business during weekdays is very important to the success of both leisure-based and learning- and cultural-based facilities. School and summer camp field trips are an excellent means to generate non-peak business as well as market a facility.

Almost all schools, whether they are preschools or public or private schools, are interested in field trips that are educational in nature. Teachers prefer field trips that are professionally organized and not just a free-for-all for the children.

White Hutchinson Leisure & Learning Group has extensive experience in developing school and camp field trip programs for all type facilities. We understand the unique needs of designing field school trips from a school's, teachers', children's and facility perspective.

Our field trip programs are all grounded in developmentally appropriate educational practice and follow State mandated curriculum goals. In addition to the activities that take place in the facility, our programs include pre- and post-trip activity guides for teachers. Separate programs are developed for preschool and grade school age children and if applicable, also middle and high school students.