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Our company believes our advice and designs for clients should be evidence-based. That includes more than what is the latest XYZ attraction or game. We research evolving and long-term leisure, cultural, and consumer trends impacting the out-of-home leisure and entertainment industries. Location-based entertainment venues (LBEs), including family entertainment centers (FECs), are expensive and long-term investments. They not only need to be successful in their opening years but also in the future to generate a return on their costs. Not only the mix of attractions but every aspect of their design and operation needs to consider these trends for the long term.

The issue today is that LBEs not only compete with other LBEs in their markets but also compete with every business anywhere in the world for people's attention, limited leisure time, and limited discretionary spending. And those businesses include all the digital ones where you don't have to leave home (read more). That's why broader societal trends are essential to understand when designing an LBE's guest experience.

We share some of our research with you in our enewsletters, including this issue. Sure, we don't give it all away for free. Much is proprietary for our clients' benefit, but we don't mind sharing some of it to make the entire industry healthier.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like to explore having us help you with your project.

We hope you enjoy and find the nine articles in this issue helpful.

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