Robotics creating pizzatainment

Driven by the post-pandemic shortage of workers, restaurants are turning to robots. Robots are flipping burgers, frying French fries, brewing coffee, and even delivering food to customers. Now along comes several startups using robots and artificial intelligence to churn out pizzas faster and cheaper than humans.

Top engineering minds are building robotic equipment that can stretch dough, slap on sauce, and sprinkle cheese and toppings without human intervention.

  • Stellar Pizza, founded by a former SpaceX rocket scientist, will open this month in L.A. with a fleet of trucks staffed by robotic pizza chefs + human drivers.
  • PizzaHQ in New Jersey has converted a traditional pizzeria into a robotic one, with plans to expand.
  • Picnic Works is a tech company that leases the "Picnic Pizza Station" - a modular assembly line that can make up to 100 pizzas an hour under the supervision of one human attendant.

Click the photo to see Picnic Pizza Station in action.

When it comes to pizza, robots can save money. The most expensive ingredient on pizza is cheese. Humans are terrible at consistent portion control, typically adding up to 40% more cheese than the recipe calls for. Robots can get it precisely right every time. Another problem at pizza joints is the quality of the pizza can vary daily. With robotics, there is 100% consistency in every aspect of making and baking it.

Many pizza joints are also banking on a "pizzatainment" element to increase the appeal of their restaurants. It's fun to watch a robot make a pizza.

And when the pizza is done, a robot can deliver it to the table.