Interest in non-alcoholic beverages on the decline

With the sober-curious movement trending (see article in this issue), many restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues are offering a wider selection of low- and alcohol-free ("NA") drinks. These include alcohol-free beer, wine, liquors and spirits, and mocktails.

However, despite the nearly 40% of U.S. adults (21+) who abstain from drinking alcohol and the rising interest in drinking less or going alcohol-free altogether, interest in consuming these kinds of beverages is relatively low. Just one-quarter of drinking-age adults (24%) express interest in NA beverages.

37% of drinking-age adults have tried non-alcoholic beer (such as Budweiser Zero or Guinness 0.0.), but only 13% say they like it. Similarly, 30% of adults have tried non-alcoholic liquor or spirits, but only 10% like them.

The data paints a rather 'sobering' view of the interest in alcohol-free beverages. They do not appear to have high interest.

Instead, general interest appears to be trending more towards drinking less alcohol rather than completely eliminating it. One-third of adults say they drink less alcohol now versus one year ago (34%) compared with only 10% who say they now drink more.