What draws restaurant visits?

A recent report by Technomic examined what it takes in today's competitive marketplace to attract customers to a restaurant. Although the report's findings apply to the restaurant industry, they are just as applicable to community leisure venues since food and drink has become an anchor attraction, often being more important than the entertainment. Following are some of the report's key findings.

Today's consumers expect restaurants to provide much more than good food and drink. They increasingly also demand a great overall experience that provides:

Meaningful connections

In a world where technology often replaces face-to-face interactions, today's consumers seek greater connection to others and the world around them. They are looking to the restaurant experience as a way to forge deep, meaningful, social connections with friends and family.

  • 75% - “I enjoy the social aspects of dining out at restaurants.”

Unique stories & memories

In today's food culture, consumers seek unique, memorable experiences where they can experiment with foods and flavors in a fun, entertaining way. The food and drink offerings are critical to creating unique, memorable experiences.

  • 76% - “Visiting restaurants is a form of entertainment for me.”
  • 63% - “It's important restaurants serve unique items I can't get elsewhere.”

Ambiance and service elements are also important to creating an interactive, fun and entertaining experience. This includes game or theme nights, tableside preparation, and of course, eatertainment concepts.

An outlet for self-expression

Today's highly individualized consumers create their own definitions of health, quality, value and more. They demand control over the experience to ensure it aligns with their personal preferences.

  • 86% - I'd like restaurants to be more transparent about what's in their menu items.
  • 85% -The ability to customize would make me more likely to visit a restaurant.

Yes, today out-of-home foodservice has become all about transparency, customization adventure, discovery, stories and creating social connections and memories.

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