Editor's Corner

Thank goodness, the pumpkin-mania is over with all the pumpkin flavored and colored products that came out this fall. This year Trader Joe's stocked their stores with over 60 pumpkin flavored foods. It won't surprise me if next year one of the auto manufactures releases a pumpkin colored car to sell in October.

We have an information packed issue for you this month with many articles focused on the fast evolving and increasingly competitive leisure and entertainment landscape. It's a whole new world out there due to technology disruption, all its new social and entertainment options and a fast evolving consumer. What worked just one decade ago for community leisure venues, including FECs, is no longer relevant to its shrinking consumer base.

So enjoy reading the articles at your leisure.

Hope everyone in the US has a great Thanksgiving holiday. And to all our other readers throughout the world, I hope you enjoy your November holidays

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