Preliminary market feasibility analysis

Many times community-leisure venue and FEC developers want to obtain a preliminary evaluation of a market to site to determine if it will support their project before spending money for a full market and financial feasibility study or before contracting for the property. To meet that need, we offer an inexpensive preliminary market and site evaluation service.

We evaluate the site using aerials. We identify and map competition. Then using computer modeling, we develop a preliminary set of demographic and socioeconomic-lifestyle (SEL) data for an approximation of what the market areas should be for the proposed project type and location based on drivetimes, competition and physical and psychological barriers. We can then usually determine, based on over three decades of market feasibility analysis experience, whether the site appears acceptable and the market appears to be a sufficient size with the needed demographics and SELs to warrant moving forward to the next stages of feasibility and development.

We email you a summary of key demographics, market area maps, a summary of the market's socioeconomic-lifestyle composition and a competition map. Randy White, our CEO, will then spend up to one-hour on the phone with you discussing our findings, recommendations and your proposed project.

We have had many occasions when the preliminary market and site evaluation indicated the market was too small to support the project or the site was unacceptable although the market appeared sufficient in size, so we advised the client not to consider a project in either that particular market location or at that site.

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