Latest on our South Sound social hub project

Our Puget South Sound Building E project, that will establish a new archetype for the community leisure venue industry (inaccurately referred to as family entertainment center or FEC industry) is solidly under construction and continues to get positive publicity. The News Tribune featured a story about the project in early August, Ex-Starbucks exec's Gig Harbor plans: Respect the planet, deliver profits.

This aerial shows the foundations under construction. In the bottom left of the photo are two well drilling rigs working on drilling the 3.6 miles of geothermal wells that will supply green energy for the HVAC system and to heat the patios in the winter.

These two photos show the forms for the footings for the basement that will house the geothermal equipment, the wine cellar and the worm farm. The photo on the right shows the piping from the 74 geothermal wells that will feed into the basement.

A significant part of our design and production work for this 57,000-square-foot social hub is both the physical and experience design of its destination farm & sea-to-table, scratch restaurant that will feature an exhibition kitchen, a menu influenced by global cuisines and culinary events.

We'll be telling you more about this innovative, highly sustainable, LEED certified social leisure and dining project in future issues.