Who's eating healthy?

Are Americans really paying attention to eating healthy? In March 2005, Global Growth Group conducted its What America Thinks survey and reported the following:

What are you watching?

Calories 35%
Fat Grams 28%
Carbohydrates 22%
Cholesterol 22%
Trans Fat 21%
Sugar 2%
Sodium/Salt 1%
Other 1%
None of Above 42%

We think this survey indicates that almost 60% of Americans are health conscious about what they are eating and are making choices based upon their dietary concerns. This is confirmed by a recent survey by the National Restaurant Association of SmartBrief readers, who are almost all restaurateurs in one role or another. When asked what they predicted will be the hottest new food and beverage items in restaurants in 2005, the top choice was 'healthy' eating: low-carb, low-fat, low-calorie and low in trans-fat.

If this is true, it means location-based entertainment centers need to offer a broad enough menu selection to cater to these concerns.

If you are wondering about the rest of the predicted trends, here they are, in this descending order:

  • Ethnic foods with Asian, Indian, Mexican and fusion cuisine topping the list
  • High flavor, meaning bold/spicy flavors in foods, flavor-infused cocktails, milk and water
  • Teas, including specialty teas, diet spiced teas, tea-infused dishes
  • Natural/organic foods and beverages
  • Sandwiches, including gourmet, deli, new flavors and breads
  • Seafood
  • Comfort foods
  • Wraps
  • Coffees, including specialty coffees, flavored lattes, even coffee-based sauces