Worldwide dining out

Whether you're Nolan Bushnell opening uWink (see above story), an entrepreneur considering an eatertainment concept, or a company increasing the number of locations, you have to be aware of local culture to succeed. New World Monitor report by Ipso, a global reporting service, took at look at worldwide dining out and found that no one does it more than Americans do. Whether it's going out to eat, eating on the run or bringing home prepared food, Americans top the list of consumers in 11 surveyed countries.

Americans and Koreans head the list when it comes to the most regular restaurant customers, with more than 60% saying they eat a restaurant meal at least once a month and 30% doing so more than once a week.

Americans again top the list with their regular take-out behaviors: 63% report eating take-out food at least once a week, and 37% of those eat it more than once a week. Australians aren't far behind with take-out: 54% eat it once a week and 22% do so more often.

When it comes to eating-on-the-go, Americans outdistance other nationalities, with 42% reporting eating en route to somewhere at least once a week and 24% doing so more frequently.

Here's the entire scope of dining out:

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