Nostalgia escape design trend

In their latest Foodbytes issue, Datassential reports on the "nostalgia escape" restaurant design trend, which may have come about as a reaction to pandemic-related quarantining and postponed vacations.

"Post-pandemic, it may not come as a surprise that consumers are looking for an escape or getaway. Delayed vacations have created anticipation, and restaurant operators are fulfilling that need through design that transports diners to what may feel like a throwback paradise. Nods to decades past are increasingly merging with tropical flair (shell-shaped chair backs, wicker seating) to give diners a sense of escape. Mid-century modern elements (arches, circles, curved seating) are trending, as are design elements that harken back to the '50s, '80s, and '90s. Soft shades of pink are often featured as part of nostalgic escape design, as are sage green, terra cotta orange, turquoise, and live plants."

Little Palm restaurant in Charleston, SC, an example of nostalgia escape design

It is possible nostalgia escape could have application for some types of location-based entertainment venues.