The full scoop on market & financial feasibility studies

There is a lot of misunderstanding about what a market and financial feasibility study needs to examine and include in order to lay the proper groundwork for the long-term successful development or expansion of a location-based entertainment center (LBE), including all types of family, children's and adult-oriented venues including FECs and the new breed of bowling-based hybrid centers. Many types of centers that might have been feasible just five years ago are no longer feasible. Many markets that might have supported a LBE just a few years ago no longer will. Many feasibility studies make fatal mistakes in their assumptions.

We have assembled a list of our best articles about feasibility studies that discuss all of these issues and listed them on a page on our website: Articles about Feasibility Studies. If you are considering developing an FEC or other type of LBE or renovating or expanding an existing one, we strongly recommend you check out these informative articles.

If you want to understand how market feasibility has changed over the past decade due to a decline in LBE participation and spending and a shift in the socioeconomics of the target market, check out our recent white paper, The Perfect Storm, LBE Disruption & Opportunity, available as a PDF on our website.