National survey results for participation in FEC activities

In early January, our company conducted a nationwide survey of over 2,500 households on their participation during 2014 in the more common entertainment activities found in family entertainment centers (FECs). The following graph shows the participation rate based on family incomes with an index of 100 representing average participation for each activity (An index of 200 means twice average, 300 three times average, etc.). The chart clearly shows the strong correlation between income and participation - the greater the income, the greater percentage of that income group that participated in and spent money on the activity during 2014. For example, we found that households with $100,000 - $149,999 incomes played laser tag or bowled twice the average rate of participation and $150,000 income households rode go-karts during 2014 at more than four times the average participation rate.

And although not from the results of this survey, other research we have done has found that for those households that do participate, the higher their income, the greater their annual spending at entertainment venues.

Once again, as we have been constantly emphasizing in our eNewsletter articles, the market niche to target today for success is the higher socioeconomic customer.