Center gets brand name and mascot

A key aspect to creating a successful entertainment or edutainment project is brand development, including a trade name and logo that fit the identity of the project. Read on to see how we turned a bat into a cuddly, approachable mascot character.

Our work on the production of location-based entertainment projects includes more than just site, architectural and interior design; furniture, fixture and equipment design and procurement; menu development; and management consulting. It also includes full brand development. That involves not only developing a unique trade name, but also a logo, mascot character and a unifying and comprehensive brand identity for all aspects of a project.

Finding a unique trade name that fits a project's identity often proves to be the most difficult challenge. Projects are often under construction before the trade name is finalized (contrary to the myth that all projects must start with a name). A good example is the 23,000-square-foot Lake County (Indiana) Park Department's children's play and discovery center in Lake Station/Gary, Indiana. Construction was started last year. It was only earlier this year that we finalized the project's name, logo and mascot character. BellaBoo is the name for the mascot, an endangered Indiana bat. The center, BellaBoo's, is named after the mascot. Say hi to BellaBoo.