Editor's corner

Here we are with another year gone by. With time, things change, including consumers and their tastes. In recognition of such change, you will notice our new, more contemporary masthead.

Speaking of change, you need to read our article about the changes sweeping the restaurant industry and the impact on location-based entertainment facilities. We've also included an article about business plans, a subject any entrepreneur planning a business needs to become an expert on.

Our masthead reads, "News, information and commentary." We are serious about providing commentary when we feel it is needed. Our commentary on the safety and accessibility of soft foam play areas in our November 2004 issue has received a lot of attention from those suppliers, to the point that one had a lawyer write us about how egregious the article was and demanded a retraction in respect to the client's practices. It's amazing to us how far some suppliers will go to protect their business interests and profits, even when they are in direct conflict with the safety and civil rights of young children. Don't miss reading our article in response to the lawyer, as well as comments from another supplier.

We have many additional articles covering various topics that should also be of interest. Read on and enjoy. And have a great and prosperous New Year.

Randy White