Whac-A-Moles on the Loose

It's a first - a redemption game becomes so popular that a company such as Hasbro, the giant toy company, licenses its brand for a board game. That's what's happened to the popular 27-year old redemption game Whac-A-Mole. The Whac-A-Mole brand is now being licensed for other products.

If you aren't familiar with Whac-A-Mole, it's the game invented and manufactured by Bob's Space Racers where you raise your mallet and whack pop-up moles as fast as you can to win redemption tickets, and according to Bob's Space Racers, to also release daily stress and tension. Apparently, since moles are not the most beloved of all creatures and haven't made it to the Endangered Species List, the Humane Society and other organizations against cruelty to animals have never tried to stop kids and adults alike from continuing to whack away at the moles. Long live the moles, or at least the whacky ones.