Looking for a Seminar on Edutainment?

If you are interested in learning about the hottest and most rapidly growing trend in location-based entertainment, you won't find it at Fun Expo. That's right. For whatever reason, IALEI and Fun Expo no longer offer a seminar on edutainment centers, despite it having been one of the most popular seminars at past Fun Expos. Instead, IALEI and Fun Expo seem more intent on promoting paintball with their major emphasis on it at Fun Expo. What paintball has to do with family entertainment and appealing to an increasing number of highly educated consumer or how it supports IALEI's Code of Ethics for members of providing "wholesome, family entertainment and recreation" is beyond us.

If you want to learn about edutainment and children's edutainment centers, you have two options. One is to attend Foundations Entertainment University (see story above) where Randy White, our CEO and the world's most recognized expert on children's edutainment, gives an optional 2-hour evening children's edutainment presentation and where you get to visit our company's latest children's edutainment center. Your other option is to attend IAAPA's (International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions) Convention to www.iaapa.org in Orlando, Florida, November 15-20, where Randy will be giving a seminar on the state of edutainment and some of the latest developments in the field. The exact date and time for the edutainment seminar has not yet been set.

IAAPA runs a great seminar program and is always on the cutting edge of the latest developments in entertainment and leisure. They also give great coverage in their seminar program to the family entertainment center industry. And as a bonus, you can see every supplier who displays at Fun Expo plus about 400 more at the IAAPA trade show, and the cost of attending and hotels in Orlando are much less than for Fun Expo in Las Vegas.