Apology to the Horses

To learn more about Spanish purebred Andalusian horses, click here.

Last month we showed our lack of equestrian knowledge by labeling the Spanish horses in Nicaragua as "Aleutian." Our client in Managua quickly noticed the error and informed us these were Spanish Andalusian horses. Our apologies to all our equestrian readers and to the horses, as well.

So to make up for our mistake, we decided to learn a new word and will share it with you: portmanteau. A portmanteau word (a portmanteaux) is a word that is formed by combining two or more words. An example is smog, a combination of the words "smoke" and "fog." Likewise, edutainment is a portmanteau word, combining education with entertainment. American's love portmanteau words. The British hate them, as they see them as bastardized English.

We promise not to refer to children's entertainment centers as portmanteau. For more trivia and other information you never knew you needed, see www.wikipedia.org, a free open-source encyclopedia, itself a portmanteau word, combining "wiki" and "encyclopedia."