Austin Park 'n Pizza Experience Opens

Bill Rameson, who was previously CEO of Palace Entertainment, has opened his own 22-acre, mega-FEC named Austin Park 'n Pizza Experience. We were pleased to see that Bill shed a number of industry paradigms when he designed his center. It is the best appearance FEC we have ever seen. Some of the things Bill got right, in our opinion, include bringing daylight into the interior of the FEC building (no more dark and ominous gamerooms), finishes that target an upscale family market and treating food and beverage as an important component. Austin Park 'n Pizza Experience includes a destination, one price, all-you-can-eat pizza, pasta and salad buffet with three themed dining areas. The center is going to give some serious competition to Mr. Gatti's, which is based in Austin and has a franchised, pizza buffet and games Gatti-Land store just a few miles north.

Rounding out the list of attractions at Austin Park 'n Pizza Experience are:

  • Laser tag
  • Two go-kart tracks
  • Miniature golf
  • Batting range (first we have seen since Blockbuster's at Sawgrass, FL)
  • Bumper boats
  • Gravitron vertical accelerator
  • Climbing wall
  • Large game room
  • Kiddy train

You can see photos of Austin Park 'n Pizza Experience on our Web site here.