From the Editor

We have been a little remiss in not publishing an eNewsletter since late May. It wasn't by choice. There just weren't any hours left in the day after we finished our clients' work. We have been very busy. However, things are getting a little saner and I have been flying more, especially on longer flights where I have a chance to write in the peace and quiet at 35,000 feet. So here it is: Our double summer issue with 14 articles.

Here's my suggestion for reading this eNewsletter.

  1. Purchase yourself a comfortable beach chair,
  2. Find a nice shady spot under a palm tree on a white sandy beach, and
  3. Take it all in (obviously I'm talking about more than just the eNewsletter).

If you can't find a palm tree, a grove of Aspen trees next to a babbling brook is a good substitute. Or, as a last resort, try a comfortable lounge chair with an ice cold lemonade or beer.

Have a great summer, or at least what's left!

Randy White