Pistachio is a recent flavor trend

Pistachio is officially everywhere and earning a lot of buzz. The nut is popping up in cocktails such as the new Dole Whip at Disney World, even in a "cult classic" $190 perfume, and scented candles. In cream form, it's in a viral TikTok from Bon Appétit; in milk form, it's very aesthetic. Better Homes & Gardens say pistachio martinis might be 2023's breakout cocktail. The mainstreaming of pistachio is happening because pistachio is one of those flavors that's 'new' to specific categories but still familiar to the public's palate. As a result, we see its flavor in new applications, especially many different types of drinks.

The pistachio trend should have been pretty easy to call. Starbucks introduced the pistachio latte in 2019. Starbucks is definitely a tastemaker. Its popular line-up of pistachio drinks is probably the most mainstream example of the current pistachio obsession. When an ingredient or format gets onto their menu, it's bound to be everywhere. From cake pops to pumpkin spice to sous vide egg bites, there is perhaps no better bellwether of trends than Starbucks.

According to an Eater newsletter, there's something about pistachios that makes them seem fancier than other nuts. A pistachio has more pizazz than a boring peanut, more visual appeal than a pale cashew, and a rich flavor that feels inherently luxurious

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