Editor's corner

This issue may set a record for us with 16 individual articles. But don't worry; most are short.

One article discusses whether we've returned to pre-pandemic normalcy. As a company, we feel like we have, as we've become very busy with a large number of projects with many new clients, including some international ones if you consider two new clients in Canada as international. I do need my passport to get in and out of there.

One of our Canadian clients is an agritourism farm with a farm market and festival grounds. I was blown away by what they were doing with food and beverages, not only at the farm market but with seasonal crop-themed food and drink during their different festivals. They have a culinary team executing at a level I've seen few location-based entertainment venues (LBEs) achieve. LBEs, watch out; agritourism is slowly eating into your market.

As you will read in one of our articles, the good news is that a large consulting/design firm in the attractions industry, PGAV, forecasts that U.S. attraction visitation in 2023 will be 7% higher than in pre-pandemic 2019.

Rather than give you a preview of the other 15 articles, I'll let you just dig in and enjoy them, hopefully learning some things you can apply to your location-based leisure business.

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