Older Gen Z trending vegetarian, vegan, and flexitarian

In just the last five years, there's been a rise in the percentage of young adults aged 18-24 who are vegetarians, vegans, or flexitarians (only eat meat occasionally). In 2017, 83% of young adults didn't identify as vegetarians, vegans, or flexitarians; in 2022, that dropped to less than half of young adults (46%). Today, three in ten young adults (29%) identified as vegan or vegetarian vs. only 7% five years ago. Flexitarianism has grown over those five years from only 10% to 25% of young adults.

This growth in plant-based eating has serious implications for the menu selections that location-based entertainment venues (LBEs), including family entertainment centers (FECs), need to offer. These young adults will likely continue to have these plant-based eating preferences as they grow older. Today, LBEs that target this age group need to ensure they offer a good variety of vegan and vegetarian selections to satisfy the majority of young adults looking for them. And in the years ahead, the percentage of all adults looking for these selections will grow as young adults grow older.