What do people find meaningful and fulfilling?

A Pew Research Center study earlier this year asked U.S. adults what they found meaningful and fulfilling in spending their time. More than eight-in-ten (83%) say spending time with family provides them a great deal or quite a bit of meaning and fulfillment. That was followed by being outdoors, experiencing nature (71%), and then spending time with friends at 66%.

The study's findings parallel well with Jim Kessler's article that we featured extracts from in our last enewsletter, where Jim said, "Most importantly, we must remember that the ultimate goal of our social out-of-home venues is to enable our guests to regularly and easily experience the highest quality bonding experiences with their friends, family, coworkers, and groups."

The Pew study affirms that spending quality social bonding experiences at location-based entertainment venues (LBEs), including family entertainment centers (FECs), can be meaningful and fulfilling for their guests.

The high-value people place on being outdoors and experiencing nature also has implications for LBEs. Those venues that incorporate both dining and activities in outdoor areas with good landscaping and views of nature will have added appeal.

The outdoors and nature are especially attractive to younger adults, a prime target market for many LBEs. Young adults show the highest percentage of visiting state parks, and they are the most frequent visitors.