Entertainment Spending Increases

Has real spending on away-from-home entertainment, which includes family entertainment centers and other location-based entertainment, been increasing? We decided to take a look. The most recent data available is for 2002, so we went back 15 years to 1988 to take a look at spending for families with children.

From 1988 to 2002, away-from-home (AFH) entertainment spending increased 80% for married couples with children and 61% for single parents with children. However, that increase is not adjusted for inflation. When the spending increase is calculated in constant 2002 dollars, there is still an increase over the 15 years of 20% for married couples with children and 7% for single parents with children. The largest increase was 34% for married couples with the oldest child between 6-17 years old, compared to 20% for couples whose oldest child is under 6.

This trend bodes well for the location-based entertainment industry. However, there are currently many more venues competing for a family's away-from-home entertainment dollars.