Presidential Hopeful to Fight Video Games

Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Lieberman pledged to fight violent video games in a campaign stop on Oct. 30 at a church in Greenville, S.C.

Lieberman, a U.S. senator from Connecticut, told the congregation at Springfield Baptist Church he supports rating systems for television programs and video games to give parents more information.

He said one game, "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City," rewards players for attacking, beating and killing women. "It's awful," Lieberman said. "If you saw it, you'd be disgusted and outraged."

We have written about the inappropriateness and harmfulness of violent video and other games in family destination entertainment facilities in this eNewsletter on a number of occasions (see Game Violence, Good Business or Bad?). It would appear Lieberman is positioning violent video games as one of his campaign issues not only because he is personally against children's access to them, but also because his research shows it is a subject many parents are concerned about.