Zillennials and their disposable income

Zillennials or zennials are sandwiched between the millennial and Gen Z generations, born between 1990 and 2000. There are roughly 48 million of these consumers. Around 25% of them are unique; they live with their parents, meaning they don't pay a mortgage or rent, utilities, and many other household expenses, but they also have jobs. Over half work full-time (54%), and most of the rest have part-time gig work. As a result, they have lots of disposable income. And they are spending that disposable income. Morgan Stanley analysts recently wrote that young consumers living with their parents are fueling a boom in purchasing luxury goods.

Implications for location-based entertainment

As a result of having no or significantly reduced household expenses, the roughly 12 million Zillennials living with their parents have good disposable income to spend on out-of-home experiences. Inflation, which has squeezed many consumers to cut back on their discretionary spending, is not affecting them. Zillennials are prime target customers for all types of location-based entertainment venues, including family entertainment centers (FECs) and competitive socializing venues.