Industry veteran still going strong at 90

Peter Olesen turns 90 this month, and it sure isn't slowing him down. Pete's specialty is the design of go-kart tracks, miniature golf, and bumper boat ponds.

Last December, Pete sent out an email with an update, "Getting old isn't the easiest trip to take, but I hope to keep traveling a while longer. Will hit 90 in April. The Brain still works OK, and as long as the spare parts keep functioning, I have no complaints. Passed my driving test last week...

"I renewed my Professional Engineer's license a year ago (continuous since 1962) and continue designing go-kart tracks and miniature golf courses with current projects in California, Texas, Michigan, North Carolina, and Ontario. They keep me busy until the next big one comes along. Thank God for computers and AutoCAD.

"Our latest track to open is an 800-foot family road course for Midway Sports and Entertainment in Taylor, Michigan. It opened the week before Labor Day. Currently wrapping up the ground level portion of a combined ground & elevated track for C.J. Barrymore's north of Detroit, an 800-foot family road course in Midland, Texas, and 18-hole miniature golf courses in Mooresville, NC, and Crescent City, CA, all of which are scheduled to open in late Spring 2023.

"We are also currently designing a competition road course track on an abandoned 9-hole golf course for "Shifter Karts" in Ontario for a private client. This is the 3rd one for a private client in the past two years. Not a trend, but interesting just the same."

Our company has used Pete to design go-kart tracks, bumper boat ponds, and miniature golf courses on several of our clients' projects. Since he doesn't sell equipment and is not a contractor, you get totally unbiased advice when you work with him. To learn more about Pete, check out his company's website,, or contact him at or 847-561-7013.

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