Gen Z slang

Gen Z adults, currently considered those up to around age 25, are a growing proportion of the young adult market for location-based entertainment (LBE). In five years, adult Gen Zers percentage will more than double and become the majority of the 21-39 young adult age cohort.

The Gen Z generation has its own unique slang. It will become increasingly important for LBE operators and staff to understand them as customers. Here are some of the many unique slang words they're currently using that you might encounter.

  • Lit - describes something exciting or fun or someone who is intoxicated.
  • Situationship - a romantic relationship that isn't quite a full-on relationship
  • Touch grass - said to people who appear to spend too much time online and could benefit by going outside.
  • Bob - a great song
  • Fit check - reviewing one's clothing
  • Slay - something impressive or positive
  • Yeet - expresses excitement or enthusiasm
  • Gucci - something that is good or cool
  • Vibing - a generic positive feeling that someone has about something
  • Slaps - saying something slaps means it is really good, most often used in reference to music
  • Big yikes - a way of saying something is bad
  • Bussin - something is exceptional, especially about food
  • Fam - Fam to Gen Z is what bro is to millennials, an affectionate, friendly greeting to friends and family
  • Finna - getting ready to do something
  • Hits different - way better than usual
  • Mid - just OK, nothing special

So, in Gen Zer speak, for an LBE to be attractive, it needs to be lit, Gucci, bussin, and hit differently.

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