Having a positive impact means more than money for employees

The Temkin Group, a customer experience research, consulting and training firm, surveyed more than 5,000 U.S. employees about what they felt was the most important thing they want to accomplish at work. By a very large margin, making a positive impact was the top motivator, chosen three times more often than the next highest, Earning a lot of money. Third place motivation was advancing your career.

Their study also examined the motivations by age. Making a positive impact started at 27% for ages 18-24 and grew progressively across the age groups to 59% for ages 65-74. Earning a lot of money stayed in the teen percentages until ages 65-74 when it dropped to 8%.

So, it ends up that the conventional wisdom that employees primarily want to earn a lot of money is not true. They'd rather Make a difference. Working for businesses such as Ocean5 (check article in this Leisure eNewsletter) that have a clear mission of making a difference in the world gives a business a clear competitive advantage in attracting and keeping employees.

To read the Temkin Group's full report on the top eight work motivations, click here.