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Travel notes

Sign reads, “Homeless, need $ for food / weed.”

Traveling is always full of adventure and discovery. Since we are now doing a lot of work with festivals and special events for our clients, we joined the International Festivals & Events Association and I attended their annual convention in San Diego. One night I had dinner at a restaurant on San Diego's Ocean Front Walk and found this. Only in California would you probably see this, but I've got to give him credit for being honest.

If you want to fully experience America's diversity, start riding Uber and/or Lyft. I do it a lot in my travels now when I don't have to go a great distance. The wide diversity of drivers is truly amazing. On one of my trips, the driver was a Muslim woman college-student studying to be an electrical engineer and playing rap music. On another, the lady driver had her therapy dog in the front seat. On another the driver was from Yemen and was amazed that I had been there.

25 years with one client and still going strong

We have one client we've been working with continuously for 25 years, Davis Farmland and Davis Mega Farm Festival in Massachusetts. We're currently working with them on a number of additions and renovations to grow their business. After my visit in October, Larry Davis, one of the owners, wrote me the following:

“Once again, thank you for bringing us to all new levels. And what's best is the multitude of horizontal and vertical platforms that we can expand to from here if we grab the bull by the horns now. 

“If the right decisions are made, the momentum created will sustain itself as we expands.

“This is a very exciting time and place that you have brought us to. Your guidance is greatly appreciated as always.

“Many, many thanks for all you do for us.”

Screen addiction at FEC

I can't resist sharing this cartoon with you that Frank “The Crank” Seninsky sent me. Offering people at community leisure venues, including traditional family entertainment centers, a compelling enough experience to put down their screens has become a challenge today.

Meet me at IAAPA in Orlando

I'll be attending the IAAPA convention in Orlando on Tuesday and Wednesday, November 13th and 14th. If you'd like to meet up, drop me an email and we can arrange a time and place to meet - randy@whitehutchinson.com.

We have a dozen diverse articles for you in this issue covering a wide variety of subjects. I hope you find them informative and useful.

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