Changing food behaviors & beliefs

The James Beard Foundation conducted a survey this past summer of American adults age 18+ and found that people are changing their eating habits for the better. Approximately two-thirds of adults (67%) have changed their diets within the past three years and 70% of those, almost half of all adults (47%), are now eating healthier foods. Of adults 45 and older, only 48% have altered their diets compared to a whopping 81% of adults under age 45.

Attitudes about food have also shifted. People want to understand the ingredients in their foods (90%), see truthful nutritional information (90%), have GMO ingredients labeled as such (80%), know where their food comes from (77%), and what its environmental impact is (76%).

Implications for CLVs

The standard fare that community leisure venues such as family entertainment centers and bowling-entertainment centers have been serving for years no longer matches the food preferences of most Americans, especially younger adults. To stay relevant to consumers, all types of CLVs need to offer a much more contemporary menu, one that can complete with the better fast casual and polished casual dining restaurants.

Additionally, consumers are choosing which businesses they frequent based on how businesses values match theirs, including on the environment. For more about this, check out our article Meet the conscientious consumer.