Beware of the deadly customer

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Many businesses suffer from catering to deadly customers.

Deadly customers aren't customers that hate you. They like you and probably account for a large portion of both your current base and target market. Chances are that, collectively, they purchase a lot from you. Playing to deadly customers may seem lucrative: there are a lot of them out there and they likely contribute a significant portion of your bottom line. And, they're easy to make happy.

The problem is: they don't push your business forward.

The deadly customer is happy with the status quo - they don't ask for anything new; in fact, they may not want anything new. They may make you think you're doing better than you actually are. Serving the deadly customer encourages stagnation instead of innovation. By focusing on the deadly customer, you hand an unfair advantage to your competition in the future.

Are you catering to deadly customers?

Implications for CLVs

In today's rapidly evolving competitive entertainment landscape, including all the screen-based digital options consumers have and the fast-emerging at-home virtual, augmented and mixed reality options that they are being introduced to, it is important to success, actually critical to survival, to be evolving to stay competitive with all the evolving entertainment competition. Catering to the deadly customers with the status quo will quickly turn your venue into an extinct dinosaur. What works today will not work as well or at all tomorrow, and tomorrow will be here sooner than you might think.