Perplexed by Generation Y Employees?

If you currently operate a location-based leisure business, you most likely have many teenagers working for you. If you are totally perplexed on how to manage and motivate them, Eric Chester's book, Employing Generation Why, will help you find solutions. This provocative book offers an in-depth look into the mindset of the 68-million post-X generation. Learn what leading-edge companies are doing to get the most from this talented, but misunderstood segment of our population. The familiar scenarios and insightful solutions provide readers with hundreds of usable strategies for getting the best out of Generation Y.

Employing Generation Why contains 11 comprehensive chapters on topics including Recruiting, Training, Managing, Recognition & Rewards, Appearance, Employee Retention and Making the Workplace More Fun. It also identifies "8 Sure-Fire Ways to Connect with Generation Y" and "7 Ways to Immediately Disconnect with Them."

Eric Chester also offers a free ezine, Why News, for leaders who work with American's emerging workforce of 16 to 24 year olds. You can subscribe by clicking here.