Busy Dog Days of Summer

Although the dog days of summer are supposed to be slow, entrepreneurs and new projects have recently been coming out of the woodwork and keeping us very busy. Here are some of the month's new projects and clients.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Conducted initial market evaluation and site selection for a new pizza buffet/FEC.

Memphis, Tennessee
Conducting site selection and market feasibility study for a new family entertainment center.

Greater Washington, D.C., area
Conducted market evaluation and assisted client with development of a family special events center.

Northern Virginia
Conducted initial market and site evaluation for development of a children's edutainment center on a new church campus.

Eastern Tennessee
Conducted preliminary market and site evaluation for development of an FEC. As a result of our consultation with the client, it was decided that developing a FEC did not match their financial capability and lifestyle desires. Instead, we advised them to start a birthday party rental/catering business.

Kansas City metropolitan area
Advising client on site selection for a new pizza restaurant franchise that will incorporate children's entertainment and games .