Family Friendly Audits

In addition to producing new projects for our clients, a significant percentage of our work is devoted to existing businesses. We conduct business evaluations and audits to develop ways to enhance businesses' attendance, revenues and profitability, as well as to design remodels and expansions.

One of our services that's becoming increasingly popular is what we call a family and child friendly audit (see earlier article on the family market). A family and child friendly audit takes a comprehensive look at how well a business is appealing to families and younger children. It looks at how well the staff interacts with families and children, the attractions provided for children, how services and amenities support or hinder family attendance, food service, wayfinding and signage, the perceived sense of security, cleanliness, safety, marketing and every other aspect of the business that can have an impact on the quality of the family experience, their spending and attendance.

We have conducted family and child friendly audits for such well-known companies as Pizza Hut, NASA Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida, Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts and Holiday Inn Family Suites in Orlando, as well as many smaller independent leisure destinations.