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Eric Minton originally developed The Loop at the editor's request as a column for IAAPA's Funworld Magazine to comprise something with personality and more timely relevance. When Eric left Funworld at the end of 2000, reader demand prompted him to continue publishing The Loop as an on-line newsletter, which launched in February 2001 from Disney's California Adventures. Its purpose was to cover news in the greater context of the amusement industry, track trends, chronicle new attractions, and profile best practices and good people doing good things in the industry.

Over the past several years, subscriptions to The Loop have grown dramatically. Eric originally had hoped advertising would support the publication. However, at least in the entertainment industry, suppliers have not yet come to appreciate the value of on-line publications. So, Eric has switched The Loop to a paid subscription basis at $22 a year.

We subscribe to The Loop and highly recommend it to you. It's a great value. The Loop covers many projects, trends and happenings that are not covered by trade publications. And, not being dependent on advertising, Eric will continue to have the freedom to tell it like it is without fear of offending a supplier or industry segment that could affect his income.

Eric is making a special offer to readers of Leisure eNewsletter who subscribe this week. With your initial $22 subscription to The Loop, you will get 5 additional free issues. With the subscription, you get a user name and password that will allow you access to all The Loop newsletters when they post, The Loop archives, which includes all 64 issues of The Loop dating to February 2001, and the Reading Room of articles written exclusively for The Loop by industry experts. Those articles include management, marketing and operational guidelines, tips and checklists, and Eric plans to add at least one article a month. To subscribe, send an e-mail to <> identifying yourself as a Leisure eNewsletter reader.