How and why consumer drinking habits have changed since the pandemic

Oomiji, a leading customer insights and marketing platform, has released a comprehensive survey revealing significant shifts in consumer drinking habits over the past four years since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic

The most dramatic finding in the survey is the significant impact of health and wellness concerns on changing drinking habits across all age groups. In many ways, the pandemic sent a shock wave at consumers, showing them how vulnerable they are to an external health threat, and four years later, their reaction continues. The heightened awareness of both physical and emotional health due to the Covid-19 pandemic has led a substantial number of consumers to reassess and modify their alcohol consumption. The overall impact is that while drinking continues, all age groups are drinking less. Health concerns are the primary reason, with either a perceived negative impact on health from drinking too much or a positive impact from drinking less the reasons for consumers cutting back on overall alcoholic beverage consumption.


Alcoholic drinks are a significant contributor to the profits of LBEs that serve alcohol. With people drinking less alcohol, to maintain profits, those LBEs need to offer non-alcoholic versions of beer, wine, and liquor as well as mocktails to cater to those customers that will want drinks with the taste of the alcoholic ones or not to stand out when part of a group mostly drinking alcoholic drinks.

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