How the pandemic has altered our eating habits

The latest Hartman Group report, "Shifting Food Habits & Routines: 2021 Eating Occasions," looks at how the pandemic has altered our eating habits. Even before the pandemic, the food and beverages venues have often become as important as the entertainment they offer. Three changes that they identified have implications for out-of-home entertainment venues going forward.

  • Cooking fatigue has set in with a return to away-from-home eating occasions at restaurants and other venues offering food and beverages.
  • More than before the pandemic, there will be an increase in social eating occasions, more with families or couples than with friends.
  • Consumers are willing to pay for delicious flavor experiences. They are trading up and see the value for food and beverages that offer enhanced and new unique flavor profiles, especially true with Millennials, parents, and those with higher income levels. As prices continue to increase, consumers will become more discerning, paying more for the products they deem worth it for the enhanced experience they provide. Premium eating occasions will be in demand.