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March 28th was a triple event day for me. First it was my birthday. Second I presented a seminar at the Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas on Grow Your Business with Bar-tainment. If you missed attending, you can download a PDF of my presentation by clicking here. And third, I was interviewed by John Robbins on his The Inside Racing Podcast on the future of leisure. Although John's podcast is targeted to motor racetracks, my discussion with John was applicable to just about any type of location-based leisure venue. Here are the different ways you can access the podcast:

It's turned out to be a very busy year for us. We have 15 different projects underway in various stages of development. One of our more innovative ones located in Utah, a 15,500-square-foot sodacad that will include a soda fountain and cafe, vintage pinball and arcade games, 6 lanes of duckpin bowling, and party and meeting rooms just received its financing approval.

I recently visited Silverlake “The Family Place” in the Cincinnati metro for meetings with three different banks who are considering financing a 50,000-square-foot addition we've been working with Silverlake on over the past year. Silverlake has been our client for 15 years and the expansion is an additional phase of a long-term master growth plan we developed for them back in 2002.

I hope you'll find the articles in this issue informative and useful. As always, we cover topics you won't find in any industry trade magazines.

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