How to develop a meaningful and profitable location-based entertainment business

The following is a reprint with permission from FL Price's Birthday University eNewsletter. You can subscribe to it by clicking here.

Don't Be A Copycat You'll Become A Commodity
You might be a copycat if you have searched the Internet to find a business like yours and then formulated your packages and programs after it.

Don't Be A Cattle Herder
You might be a cattle herder if your programs are based on high volume and a bargain basement price. Surely your guest experience will be non-existent.

Don't Be A Percentage
If you are discounting to gain or steal market share by attracting a customer base that is in short supply of spendable income, while the majority of your competitors have the same strategy, you might become a percentage … part of the out of business percentage or at least part of the working 3x as hard to sustain a business that makes less money.

The Lower Family Living Cost Illusion
You say it's working. We've been super busy. General admission traffic is back. It might be for now, as long as you can maintain control over rising life sustainable and eventual RISING fuel costs. Oh Ya ... you can't!

Choose a Contrarian Business Strategy.
Commit to it and live it, without waiver. More importantly make a decision. Stay out of the middle. The grass is not always greener. Trying to be "Some Thing" to everyone makes you "No Thing" to no one!!