How much time and where do people eat?

On an average day in 2014, Americans age 15 and older spent slightly over one hour (64 minutes) on eating and drinking as a “primary” or main activity, and 16 minutes eating as a secondary activity - that is, while doing something else such as watching television, driving, preparing meals, or working. On an average day, men spent more time engaged in primary eating and drinking (66 minutes) than women (63 minutes), and more women reported engaging in secondary eating (58%) than men (49%).

The top 3 places for primary eating and drinking were:

  1. Own home or yard: 71.3%
  2. Workplace: 11.4%
  3. Restaurant or bar: 9.3%

The top 3 places for secondary eating were:

  1. Own home or yard: 53.9%
  2. Workplace: 22.2%
  3. Driving a vehicle: 6.9%