Wine now more popular than beer

According to a November 2013 survey of American adults by Rasmussen Reports, when adults drink alcohol, they now prefer wine (40%) to beer (34%). 20% prefer hard liquor and 2% opt for something else. More than half (56%) of women prefer wine over any other type of alcohol while 47% of men prefer beer.

When it comes to beer, men are almost evenly divided between a light beer and a regular one. A plurality (46%) of women prefers light beer. On wine choice, women are evenly divided over red or white while men strongly prefer red.

When it comes to the 20% of Americans that prefer hard liquor, 24% cite vodka as their favorite, 18% choose bourbon, 13% prefer rum, 10% scotch, 9% tequila and 7% favor gin. The other 8% opt for something else or are undecided.