The increasing stratification of out-of-home entertainment & leisure

In one of our previous articles, The future of out-of-home entertainment, published as a feature article at, we examined U.S. trends of both the amount and use of leisure time and expenditures for both electronics and out-of-home entertainment. We found a significant long-term trend of consumers’ leisure time and entertainment expenditures migrating from the real world to the virtual world. In our newest feature article at, The increasing stratification of out-of-home entertainment and leisure, we shared some more of our company’s research findings that we use to guide our design and production of our clients’ entertainment and leisure projects. This time we examined participation and attendance trends for different types of out-of-home entertainment and leisure. Yes, this all sounds as if it is a little technical and nerdy, and it is. However, successful development and management of location-based entertainment and leisure businesses requires using what is called evidence-based design founded on research rather than relying on opinions or hunches. The trends we unearthed are critical to understanding who your best guest prospects are today as well as in the future.

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