Editor's corner

As always during the summer, things slow down. But now that we are getting into the fall season, our company has become very busy with projects stretching from the America to Egypt. We are seeing a lot of entrepreneurs recognizing that they need to start working on their projects now, even though we are still in the tail end of the recession, so they can have the projects open when economic conditions improve. Projects can take anywhere from 18 months to 3 years or more to get open. Some of our work is on underperforming businesses. The Great Recession resulted in many previously marginally performing projects going into the red. Owners are now calling us in to audit and analyze the projects, determine the root cause of their poor performance and develop strategies to improve performance with everything from management and marketing to renovations and rebranding. A number of this Leisure eNewsletter’s articles address the issues we are running into with the sick businesses.

If you are planning on opening a family entertainment center (FEC) or other type of location-based entertainment business, don’t miss out on this year’s last Foundations Entertainment University, September 21-23 in Dallas. This time it will be followed by a new one-day seminar program by Frank Price, of Birthday University fame, on developing group and birthday business. Check it out in this issue’s article.

We’ve added a number of features to our website. Now you can automatically tweet any article using the new Twitter button in the upper left horizontal menu. And with our Google Translate feature, found at the top of all pages, you can now translate any page into any one of 52 different languages.

Randy White