Homeschooling on the increase

In less than a decade, homeschooling in the U.S. has undergone a significant shift when it comes to the income and education levels of the parents involved. Read on to learn more, and to find out how altered demographics for homeschooling may offer opportunities for LBEs.

As of spring 2007, 1.5 million school-age children in the U.S. were homeschooled, which is nearly 3%. This figure is up from 1.7% in 1999 and 2.3% in 2003. There have been significant changes over the years in which groups of parents homeschool their children. For example, 6.8% of college-educated parents homeschooled in 2007, up from 4.9% in 1999. The percentage of homeschooling families who earned more than $50,000 increased from 36% in 1999 to 60% in 2007.

The following graphs show changes since 1999:

Although homeschoolers are what you could call a micro market, they do offer excellent opportunities to generate weekday business for location-based leisure venues with social and educational gatherings.