Bowling goes upscale

Next time you decide to head for the lanes you may be in for a surprise. Forget the outdated décor and greasy snack bars you remember, today's bowling alley is a whole new world. So grab a martini, relax and experience the rise of the upscale bowling alley.

VIP Area at Red Rock Lanes, Las Vegas
We are currently working on the feasibility and design of a number of bowling-based FECs, so we are giving bowling more coverage in this Leisure eNewsletter. In our last issue, one of our featured articles was What's happened to bowling? where we discussed how bowling is making a strong comeback with open-play, upscale and family-oriented centers.

The September 5, 2009 issue of USA Today newspaper featured a story about how some bowling alleys are really going upscale with fine-dining, gourmet food such as grilled mahi-mahi, lightly blackened and topped with shrimp sautéed in a spicy butter sauce or parmesan and truffle fontina macaroni and cheese, served with a side of French béchamel. If you missed reading Bowling alleys pin down an upscale atmosphere, just click here.